Nile Cruise – our premium Nile Cruise selection

Our Premium Nile Cruise Selection

Nile cruise inspiration of our premium Nile ship selection for your personal dream ship for an unforgettable luxury Nile cruise.
With the best service, surrounded by the flair of the Nile and a relaxing ambience, you will experience a relaxing and eventful trip on the Nile.

fascination Nile – luxury Nile Cruise

Life along the Nile is shaped by temples, pharaohs, papyrus, and hieroglyphics.

The Nile cruise counts as a classic among Egypt travel. For thousands of years, people have been traveling the Nile – Egypt’s lifeline. To this day, the largest river and the ancient places hold a great fascination for us.

The green idyll along the banks of the Nile with its palm trees, small villages, and minarets hold fantastic impressions. The small Nile islands offer particularly species-rich bird life a quiet place to stay for nesting and brood rearing.

The impressive relics of the ancient Egyptian culture continue to fascinate its visitors to this day. Exciting and mysterious are the visits during your luxury Nile cruise in the Valley of the Kings and Queens, the temple with its incredible gates and columns. Let our tour guides take you into the ancient world of Egypt with exciting stories from antiquity.

Let it all hang out, pamper you with culinary specialties and enjoy the wellness offers onboard your luxury Nile ship. The size and breadth of the Nile will impress you and find balance at the same time.

Egypt – the land of the pharaohs until these days full of secrets and fascination!

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