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Egypt travel in style – escape in style

Travel to Egypt – until this day, the more than 5,000-year-old high culture along the Nile fascinates every visitor. The pyramids of Gizeh unfold their millennia-old magic together under the protection of the always watchful Sphinx.

The bank of the Nile inspires young and old, nature-loving, rural life of the fertile green plantations, temples with mighty columns, full of hieroglyphs and reliefs form the fascination from Luxor to Aswan.

Combining a luxury holiday in Egypt with an extensive cultural trip is a must, especially for those who are hungry for knowledge. In order to quench this thirst for knowledge, it is best to opt for a Nile cruise on Egypt’s lifeline.
Experience how this beautiful landscape with the lush green fields and the inhospitable desert passes you while you enjoy tea on the lounge deck of the Nile ship, the yacht, or the dahabeya.

Egypt offers much more: In addition to our multi-faceted round trips including the Nile cruise, we also bring you closer to its people with their hospitality.

“Welcome” means “Marhaba” in Arabic. Everywhere you hear this with an inviting, friendly smile and an invitation to tea. Be a witness to the dawn of a new era. Get to know ancient and young Egypt.

You will also find the special architecture of old and new Egypt next to each other in many places, whether in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan or Alexandria.

You can reach Egypt in a few hours by plane. Egypt is also suitable for short trips, a short break for relaxation and special experiences.

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Travel with style - Escape in Style

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