Hurghada – Egyptian Museum – ancient culture history

give your next beach holiday in Hurghada the touch of Egyptian history and combine it with your cultural and beach holiday.
The Egyptian Museum Hurghada is located south, near the El Mamsha promenade and Hurghada International Airport.
It is the first museum of its kind to be officially opened in February 2020. It is the first joint project between the Ministry of Tourism and Antiques of the Al Bahr al Ahmar (Red Sea) district and a private investor.
Explore impressively the Egyptian civilization and history from the Pharaonic era up to the modern age. On the first floor you will find exhibition rooms for the different eras on an area of 3000 square meters:

  • the Pharaonic Age
  • the Greco-Roman Age
  • the Coptic era
  • the Islamic era
  • modern Egypt

Beauty and luxury through the ages
On a tour of the exhibition rooms, you will explore contemporary history starting with the ancient high culture, thousands of years back from the pharaonic times. The concept of beauty, which influenced the Egyptian artists and craftsmen throughout ancient and Islamic Egypt up to modern times, becomes clear from the beginning. Explore the artists’ astonishing gaze for the beauty in detail that they have expressed in expressing culture and nature to this day.
With breathtaking attention to detail, the craftsmanship manifested itself in an unprecedented variety of beautiful and luxurious objects. This found expression in objects of everyday life, such as eating utensils, tools for hunting and jewellery, right through to a rich selection of grave goods for life after death. The concept of resurrection and life after death is impressively reflected in the details of the decorated coffins and mummies.
The reception, the guest toilet, the tourist information office and the police are located in the basement. In the spacious souvenir shops, you will find handicrafts and high-quality products made in Egypt.
A visit to the Egyptian Museum enriches your beach vacation with impressions of the thousands of years old cultural history of Egypt.

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