Egypt – The country on the Nile has been a fascinating and popular travel destination for thousands of years. Egypt Traveling in the country on the Nile, which is incidentally the longest river in the world, has fascinated people for thousands of years and they settled on the fertile banks.In Egypt the former pharaohs created monuments and unique temple structures along the Nile. The fascination extends into our present millennium and invites you to travel in Egypt.With an estimated 100 million inhabitants, Egypt is one of the most populous countries in Africa and its diversity offers just the right thing for anyone who wants to embark on a special and unique trip to Egypt.

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Hello Ms. Jestädt,

I would like to thank Jeska Inspiration Reisen. As the name suggests, it was really an absolute inspiration. Thank you for many wonderful travel experiences. I really had a beautiful and unforgettable Nile cruise.

As you know, I started the trip with a bit of trepidation because I was traveling alone as a woman, but this fear was really unfounded. As a woman alone, I took the Nile cruise on the Alexander The Great and can recommend it to any solo traveler without hesitation. I felt well looked after and advised from the very first minute, and every one of my wishes was taken into account on site. The ship and the staff were very friendly and accommodating. My Egyptologist Nassar was just great, he explained the history of Egypt to me in a very charming way and really took all my wishes into account.

I can highly recommend your company and of course Nassar. The only cruise that would ever be an option for me is a Nile cruise.

Thank you again for your advice and the unforgettable pictures. I have sent you one as a small thank you.

Thank you for the many beautiful memories. ❤️

Najoua M.

from Germany

May 2024

Luxury Nile Cruise Yacht Alexander the Great-upper deck


Hello Karin
We had a lovely holiday in Egypt and everything went wonderfully. I would definitely recommend Jeska Inspiration.

family F.

from Germany
April 2024

Gästebuch Luxus Nilkreuzfahrt Ausflug Luxor

Travel report of our unique birthday Egypt trip

In April, my wife and I planned a trip to EGYPT and found out about JESKA INSPIRATION on the Internet. Mrs. Jestädt gave us very good advice and put together a trip with 3 days of sightseeing in Cairo, then a 1-week Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan and then, after a transfer from Luxor to Hurghada, a 1-week beach holiday on the Red Sea.

Mrs. Jestädt kept us well informed about all the planning steps, so that we were able to prepare ourselves for what was to come before the trip based on the information and documents provided.

Everything went well on the trip itself:
In Cairo, our private tour guide picked us up at the airport; Mrs. Jestädt made a very good choice for 3 nights in Cairo with the Hotel Sofitel El Gezirah, which is located directly on the Nile: we had an oasis away from the hustle and bustle, and a spectacular view of the river from our room on the 17th floor. Our private tour guide, with a good knowledge of German, showed us the pyramids of Giza with great expertise, but also looked after us very well during the tour of the museum and finally the bazaar. The transfer with flight to Luxor to the Hotel Sonesta St. George went very well: wonderful location with a direct view of the Nile: beautiful, large pool area, several restaurants including a very good Japanese restaurant with a top chef.

The highlight was the Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan on the Nile ship “Alexander The Great”: In contrast to the numerous, relatively large motor yachts, Alexander The Great is a smaller ship that takes a maximum of around 60 guests, so that there was a pleasant, family atmosphere on the ship. On our trip the ship was only half full, which was very pleasant. We had an exclusive panoramic suite in the bow of the ship and were able to particularly enjoy the slow journey on the Nile. The catering with 3 meals, mostly buffet, also a la carte in the evening, and very attentive staff, was excellent and varied. The excursions during the trip were very well organized: I have to particularly highlight our private tour guide, Nasser: he not only showed us all the sights, temples, tombs, pyramids and the unique nature – in perfect German! – but also provided us with a lot of background information and history thanks to his wealth of knowledge and was a really pleasant, empathetic personality.

Finally, we spent a week’s beach holiday in Hurghada at the Marriott Hotel and then returned to Zurich on a pleasant Edelweiss flight.

All in all, we had a very nice and interesting time in Egypt, not least thanks to the good and reliable advice and planning from Ms. Jestädt. Finally, I would also like to mention that we got a very good deal in terms of price, as Ms. Jestädt is very well connected with Egypt.

Dear Ms. Jestädt,

We would like to thank you very much after our return from beautiful and interesting Egypt to the still wintry, cool Switzerland:

You gave us very good advice, the trip to Cairo, the Nile cruise and the subsequent stay in Hurghada were very well organized, the support from the local tour guides was very pleasant, competent and informative. It is extremely pleasant – especially when you are traveling in a country where perhaps not everything runs according to “German/Swiss” perfection – when everything works out as well as you organized it, and the choice of hotels also met our expectations exactly.

The people we came into contact with were without exception very friendly and helpful. On the Nile cruise we even met the owner of the yacht Alexander The Great, Mr. George Volopoulos.

Of course I must not forget the “surprise” you organized for my wife Sylvie’s birthday: it was a great success!

I could tell you about many more positive experiences, but words can’t describe everything very well. We felt very comfortable, it was a unique trip and experience. We will definitely recommend you if anyone in our circle of friends plans a trip to Egypt.

Many warm greetings from Switzerland
Sylvia and Georg M.

from Switzerland
April 2024

Hello Karin

Thank you once again for a truly memorable experience on our Dahabeya Cruise.

We could not fault the wonderful staff, who really catered to all our needs and were warm, welcoming and accommodating. The food was excellent, plenty of it and well planned, varied menus. We were especially impressed with the effort they made to accommodate Paul’s intolerances.

The design of the new boat was charming, both the shared spaces and our room. We loved having our own private deck at the back of the boat.

In summary I like to say that Jeska Inspiration arranged a superb 5 night cruise for us from Luxor to Aswan that exceeded all expectations. The Dahabeya was classy and comfortable, the crew treated us like royalty. A much better experience than one of the big boats with too many people

Kind regards

Ian und Paul

April 2024

Gäste Luxus Nilkreuzfahrt

Dear Ms. Jestädt!

The Nile trip is behind us and we are completely delighted with the organization, service and efforts of everyone from the guide to the ship’s crew and the cleaning staff.

A great trip that we can recommend to anyone. A warm greeting to you from Adel in the on-board restaurant and a big thank you from us to you.

We are now on our way to the Sonesta St. Geroge, Luxor Hotel.

We are now looking back on a 12-day trip to the Nile and Hurghada and are completely delighted with the planning, organization and implementation by you and

your partner agency on site. The boat trip from Luxor to Aswan and back on the small Nile ship ‘Alexander the Great’ was a very special experience.

The attentiveness of the staff was remarkable, the expertise of the Egyptologist Nasser was unique. We felt we were treated preferentially at all times.

thank you so much with kind regards
Bea and Gunter W.

from Canada
March 2024


Dear Ms. Jestädt!

It was a wonderful trip from the beginning to departure. The organization was perfect.
The impressions of the excursions were conveyed in a very informative way by our tour guides, who spoke very good German.
Mr. Nasser Hassan deserves special mention here. On the one-week Nile cruise on the yacht Alexander The Great, we were treated to the finest culinary delights.

Thank you again to Ms. Karin Jestädt for a wonderful trip to the land of the pharaohs for her excellent planning and support.
Monika and Hubert B.

from Germany
January 2024

family O. luxury round trip

Dear Ms. Jestädt,
we had a wonderful vacation in Egypt with a very varied program of Nile cruise, beach holiday and a final highlight in Cairo.
The transfers worked smoothly and the food on the yacht Alexander the Great was really excellent. Our guide from Luxor to Aswan, Mohammed, was also very special.
He had a very extensive knowledge not only of the sites visited, but also passed on to us his love for his country and its traditions.
As we were lucky enough to be the only participants in this group, he responded completely individually to our wishes, was always on hand to help and advise us
(e.g. when buying a SIM card, etc.) and thus became almost a member of the family during the week on the ship.

In conclusion, we can only say that we felt very well looked after at all times and can only recommend this trip to anyone interested in Egypt
(especially if you are visiting this country for the first time).

Thank you very much for the great organization and the unforgettable impressions of these great trips! We would book here again immediately.

Best regards
Family O.
November 2022


Luxus Nilkreuzfahrt-Honeymoon

Dear Ms. Jestädt!
We are really enjoying our honeymoon here on the Nile and I would like to get in touch with you briefly. The ship is really a jewel,
incomparably fine and comfortable! The staff are attentive and very nice!
The cooking and baking skills are great!
Our excursions have been beautiful and interesting so far! Mohammed has always prepared a great program – not so easy for him,
since it is the holiday season from mid-January to mid-February and many, many Egyptians are milling around the excursion destinations.


Best wishes from the yacht Alexander The Great
Thank you in advance

Kindest regards from the yacht Alexander The Great
Thank you you so much in advance

Cornelia and Michael S.

February 2022


Hurghada – Egyptian Museum – ancient culture history

give your next beach holiday in Hurghada the touch of Egyptian history and combine it with your cultural and beach holiday.
The Egyptian Museum Hurghada is located south, near the El Mamsha promenade and Hurghada International Airport.
It is the first museum of its kind to be officially opened in February 2020. It is the first joint project between the Ministry of Tourism and Antiques of the Al Bahr al Ahmar (Red Sea) district and a private investor.
Explore impressively the Egyptian civilization and history from the Pharaonic era up to the modern age. On the first floor you will find exhibition rooms for the different eras on an area of 3000 square meters:

  • the Pharaonic Age
  • the Greco-Roman Age
  • the Coptic era
  • the Islamic era
  • modern Egypt

Beauty and luxury through the ages
On a tour of the exhibition rooms, you will explore contemporary history starting with the ancient high culture, thousands of years back from the pharaonic times. The concept of beauty, which influenced the Egyptian artists and craftsmen throughout ancient and Islamic Egypt up to modern times, becomes clear from the beginning. Explore the artists’ astonishing gaze for the beauty in detail that they have expressed in expressing culture and nature to this day.
With breathtaking attention to detail, the craftsmanship manifested itself in an unprecedented variety of beautiful and luxurious objects. This found expression in objects of everyday life, such as eating utensils, tools for hunting and jewellery, right through to a rich selection of grave goods for life after death. The concept of resurrection and life after death is impressively reflected in the details of the decorated coffins and mummies.
The reception, the guest toilet, the tourist information office and the police are located in the basement. In the spacious souvenir shops, you will find handicrafts and high-quality products made in Egypt.
A visit to the Egyptian Museum enriches your beach vacation with impressions of the thousands of years old cultural history of Egypt.

In Aswan you reach the southernmost point of your Egypt journey.
Go on a VIP tour to ABU SIMBEL with our Egyptologist – another highlight of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Egypt!

In Abu Simbel, you stand in front of the most imposing buildings in Egypt – the great temple of Ramses II and the smaller temple of his wife Nefertari. The more than 30 m high facade of the Great Temple, whose four seated colossal statues of Ramses II look to the east towards the sunrise, is world-famous. Integrated between the massive legs are the larger-than-life statues of the female members of the royal family. The extraordinary ability of the ancient Egyptian master builders is reflected here.

The facade of the small temple of Nefertari is adorned with six standing ten-meter high statues of the mighty royal couple. These magnificent temples were once saved from the floods of the Nile after the completion of the dam and were faithfully rebuilt here.

This excursion usually starts early in the morning from Aswan and by early afternoon you will be back in Aswan at your hotel or Nile cruise ship.

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