Excursion package Farida
luxury Sailing Nile Cruise
5 nights

Excursion package Farida
luxury Sailing Nile Cruise
5 nights

5 Nights / 6 Days Luxury Sail Nile Cruise from ESNA to ASSUAN

The FARIDA excursion package includes unique visits far away from the hotspots. Discover the unique monuments of Egyptian history and the magic of the Nile.

The shallow draft of a dahabeya allows for mooring and anchoring on the banks of the Nile. You can also visit special sights that cannot be reached by the large Nile ships, the privilege of a Dahabeya Nile cruise.

The great temples of Edfu and Kom Ombo can be reached after the big ships have already left. This is by far the best way to enjoy the sightseeing with your Egyptologist in peace and quiet!
Turn your inner clock back to pharaonic time and recharge your batteries on the unique Dahabeya luxury sailing Nile cruise.

Day 1 | Arrival and embarkation in Esna

Our guide will give you a warm welcome upon your arrival at Luxor International Airport or Railway Station. With VIP transfer you drive to embarkation for the luxury Dahabeya Sailing Nile Cruise. During lunch we set sail.

In the evening, your Egyptologist will introduce you to the program and you will enjoy a cozy evening with informative stories from Egypt.
(L, D)

Excursion package Farida – embarkation Dahabeya

Luxus Nilkreuzfahrt Dahabeya Queen Farida

Lunch time with grandiose Nile view

Nile Cruise Dahabeya and Moevenpick Resort Aswan

Day 2 | El Kab | Edfu 

In the early morning, you sail to El Kab.

Enjoy the rich breakfast with a wonderful view of the Nile. Once in El Kab, the transfer to the rock tombs takes place. Discover the almost unknown city, city walls, the temple and the tombs carved into the rock from the early 18th dynasty around 1500 BC.

Refreshment awaits you back on board and we set sail for Edfu. The crew serves the lunch menu on deck with a wonderful view of the Nile.
When you arrive in Edfu in the afternoon, the carriage is already waiting and you drive in pairs through the picturesque town with its small shops and lively life on the streets.

Even from a distance, the surrounding walls of the Edfu Temple shine majestically golden yellow in the afternoon sun. The Edfu Temple – Temple of Horus, is considered one of the largest and best-preserved monuments in Egypt.

Two beautiful granite statues of the falcon god Horus flank the entrance. A visit to our Farida luxury sailing Nile Cruise excursion package with a lasting memory.

Relax and let the unique impressions take effect during your tea time on the sun deck. The eyes wander over the expanse of the Nile and the species-rich diversity of birds. Shortly before sunset, the Dahabeja Queen Farida anchors at the banks of the Nile island El Foaza. Enjoy the beauty of the sunset and the dinner in an idyllic atmosphere.

Overnight on the banks of the Nile
(B, L, D)

Rock tombs of El Kab

Ausflugspaket Farida

El Kab

Ausflugspaket Farida

Carriage ride to Edfu Temple

Edfu Temple

Excursion package Farida – Horus – Edfu Temple

holy bark at Edfu Temple

holy bark at Edfu Temple

Day 3 | El Ramady | Gebel el-Silsila

After a leisurely breakfast, go ashore of the island El Ramady. A walk along the plantation groves with date palms and mango trees line the path. The farmer’s family welcomes you warmly and there are some nice stories to tell over an Egyptian chai with fresh mint. You will see how the Egyptian sun bread is prepared in the traditional way and baked in the original stone oven. We enjoy the oven-fresh sun bread over lunch on board.

Back on board, the sails are set and you can enjoy your lunch menu on deck. Relax in a deck chair until you reach the jetty at Gebel el-Silsila.

Go ashore to explore the pharaonic sandstone quarries of Gebel el-Silsila. The impressive monuments include the shrine and rock temple of King Haremhab. This is dedicated to Amun, Mut, Chons, Sobek, Taweret and the Pharaoh Haremhab himself. The rock steles of Seti I, Ramses II and Merenptah as well as Ramses V, Scheschonq I and Ramses III are unique. 28 rock chapels from the New Kingdom (18th Dynasty) are just as fascinating as the overall impression of the mighty quarry. The sandstone for the temples in Luxor comes from here. The quarry was still in use until Roman times.

You continue the Dahabeja Queen Farida sailing trip to the tip of Mainha Island, near Kom Ombo.

We anchor for the night and enjoy the culinary delights of Egyptian cuisine with the evening menu.

Overnight on the banks of the Nile

(B, L, D)

Island shore – meet the locals

walk the nature way

Temple guardian at Kom Ombo

Excursion package Farida – Gebel el-Silsila

Ausflugspaket Farida

Gebel el-Silsila

Day 4: Kom Ombo | nature walk

After breakfast you start your excursion program Farida luxury sailing Nile Cruise with the impressive double temple of Kom Ombo – this is dedicated to the crocodile-headed god Sobek and the falcon-headed god Horus. Images of the two gods are immortalized in the relief work.

Sobek was a crocodile-headed deity of water and fertility in ancient Egypt. The architecture of this unique double temple is already fascinating when viewed from the Dahabeya, located on a small hill.

In a relaxed way with only a few visitors you can explore this very well-preserved double temple of antiquity. Your Egyptologist reports interesting stories told by the walls of the temple. The calendar: afterlife and agriculture had aligned. The representations of medicine are particularly interesting. Instruments of that time immortalized on the walls show that medical-surgical treatment was already used very well in ancient times.

The Nilo Meter is fascinating – the water level of the Nile was observed here in ancient times. Finally, take a look at the curiosities in the Crocodile Museum: embalmed 2000-year-old sacred crocodiles and other artefacts from the Pharaonic era.

During lunch, you will continue sailing towards Aswan. In the afternoon we dock on the shores of the island. Going ashore invites us to listen to the voices of nature and to wander through the palm groves. A refreshing (foot) bath in the Nile provides fun and refreshment and then relaxes in the sun chair on the deck.

Round off the afternoon with tea and coffee in a quiet atmosphere and wonderful views.

Overnight on the banks of the Nile


Kom Ombo Temple

Kom Ombo Temple

Excursion package Farida – reliefs at Kom Ombo Temple

Dahabeya – relax the Nubian way

Day 5: Aswan

In the morning we relax on board after our excellent breakfast. We sit in a cosy atmosphere on the sundeck with an oriental flair and listen with interest to the continuing stories about the history, country and people.

Inglorious sunshine, fresh air and a unique view of the Nile, we enjoy an excellent lunch together. The chef surprises us every day with 4-course exquisite Egyptian cuisine – soup, fresh salad, main course and sun-ripened fresh fruits as dessert.

In the early afternoon, we reach our destination – ASWAN. We anchor in a quiet place, close to nature and far from the hustle and bustle. We go on shore leave full of excitement for the sightseeing of Aswan.
We cross the dam of the first cataract before reaching the new Aswan High Dam. Here you can enjoy an indescribable view of the vastness of Lake Nasser.
A monument of modern architecture and building art of the modern age. Here you can enjoy an indescribable view of the vastness of Lake Nasser. It covers a water surface of 5,250 km² with a length of 500 km. It also reaches the neighboring country of Sudan at Wadi-Halfa and is then called Lake Nubia.

The visit to the romantic Temple of Philae on the island of Agilkia is another unforgettable highlight.

The temple is dedicated to the goddess Isis. The Legend told that Isis found the heart of Osiris here.

Optional: In the evening, visit the Sound and Light Show in the Temple of Philae. An impressive experience of a special kind – bookable on-site with your Jolley’s Travel World Egyptologist.

The last evening together on board we enjoy a festive menu. Early sleep is the order of the day because early the next morning we start to Abu Simbel (optional excursion).

Overnight in Aswan
(B, L, D)

Excursion package Farida – Philae Temple

Philae Temple Aswan

colonnade Philae Temple

Philae Temple

festive evening menu Dahabeya Queen Farida


You have reached the southernmost point of your luxury sailing Nile cruise, Aswan. Go on a VIP tour (optional) to Abu Simbel – another highlight of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Egypt!

In Abu Simbel, you stand in front of the most imposing buildings in Egypt – the great temple of Ramses II and the smaller temple of his wife Nefertari.

World-famous is the over 30 m high facade of the Great Temple, whose four seated colossal statues of Ramses II look east towards the sunrise. The larger-than-life statues of the female members of the royal family stand between the massive legs.
The extraordinary ability of the ancient Egyptian builders is reflected here.

The facade of the small temple of Nefertari is adorned with six standing ten-meter high statues of the mighty royal couple. These magnificent temples were once saved from the floods of the Nile after the dam was completed and have been faithfully rebuilt here.

This optional excursion can be booked on-site with your Travel guide or in advance. The daily routine is planned individually.

Abu Simbel Temple

Abu Simbel Temple – Ramses II and Nefertari

Abu Simbel – Nefertari Temple

Day 6 | ASWAN

You have the opportunity to take an optional excursion to Abu Simbel.

Otherwise, enjoy the morning on board. Later we have to say:
“Goodbye and hope to see you soon”.

After your check out, the VIP transfer will take place by train or flight according to your departure time.

We would be happy to advise you on your further Egypt tour as an extension of your holiday in Aswan, a stopover in Cairo or on the Red Sea. Please contact us.

Egypt vacation – extention on request

luxury Nile Cruise Aswan

Excursion package Farida Luxury Sailing Nile Cruise including following services: 

  • all entrance fees according to the description
  • guided tours with your English-speaking Egyptologist
  • all transfers in modern, air-conditioned vehicles

Luxury Nile Cruise

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