Excursion package Philae Luxury Nile Cruise 3 nights

Excursion package Philae Luxury Nile Cruise 3 nights

3 nights / 4 days Luxury Nile Cruise from ASWAN to LUXOR incl. excursion package Philae

Discover the unique monuments of Egyptian history and the magic of the Nile.

Book the excursion package PHILAE and explore the city of the oldest cataract on the Nile ASWAN. Go to the necropolis of Thebes and visit the tombs of kings and nobles.

Turn the clock back to Pharaonic time!

Day 1 | arrival and embarkation in Aswan

Our tour guide welcomes you on arrival at the international airport or train station in Aswan. With VIP Transfer you go to the embarkation on your booked Nile ship for your luxury Nile cruise.

The crew warmly welcomes you on board with a fruit cocktail. Arrange yourself in your suite and enjoy the first lunch menu.

At the agreed time, you will meet your English-speaking Egyptologist for the first excursion. In a private tour, you start your excursions on the luxury Nile cruise with the impressive structure of modern times – the Aswan High Dam. This architectural highlight is one of the largest dams in the world and created the world’s largest reservoir. Lake Nasser extends over a length of up to 500 km south of Aswan.

Our unforgettable highlight of the day is the visit to the romantic Temple of Philae on the island of Agilkia.

The temple is dedicated to the goddess Isis. Legend has it that Isis found the heart of Osiris here.

Optional: In the evening, visit the Sound and Light Show in the Temple of Philae. An impressive experience of a special kind – bookable on-site at your tour guide onboard.

Optional: Boat tour to Kitchener Island with its incomparable botanical garden.

Round off the evening with a delicious dinner and entertainment program on your Nile ship.

Overnight in ASWAN
(L, D)

Embarkation to your luxury Nile Cruise

Ausflugspaket Philae

Philae Temple

Ausflugspaket Philae

Philae Temple

Ausflugspaket Philae

Edfu Temple

Ausflugspaket Philae

Temple guardian at Kom Ombo

Kom Ombo Temple

Ausflugspaket Philae


After a leisurely breakfast, go ashore for a tour of the double temple of Kom Ombo – the Sobek Temple – excursion package Philae. Sobek was a crocodile-headed deity of water and fertility in ancient Egypt. The architecture of this unique double temple is already fascinating when viewed from the Nile ship, located on a small hill. This is dedicated to the crocodile-headed god Sobek and the falcon-headed god Horus. Images of the two gods are immortalized in the relief work. Finally, take a look at the curiosities in the crocodile museum: embalmed 2000-year-old sacred crocodiles and other artefacts from the Pharaonic era.

Back on board, the tour continues upstream towards Edfu. When you arrive, the carriage will be waiting for you and you will drive in pairs through the picturesque town with its small shops and lively streets. Even from a distance, the surrounding walls of the Edfu Temple shine majestically golden in the afternoon sun. The EDFU Temple – Temple of Horus, is one of the largest and best-preserved monuments in Egypt. Two beautiful granite statues of the falcon god Horus flank the entrance.

Enjoy dinner while continuing sailing to Luxor with another unique sunset on the Nile. The next day is already waiting for you with more unforgettable impressions.

Overnight in LUXOR
(B, L, D)

Day 3 | LUXOR

Enjoy your breakfast from the exquisite buffet welcomes you to an interesting new day on your luxury Nile cruise. Strengthened you drive across the Nile to the spacious necropolis Thebes West.
The great pharaohs of Egypt found their final resting place in the Valley of the Kings. The archaeologists regularly discover new graves and enthusiastic reports can be found in the press. Over 60 graves have now been discovered in the Valley of the Kings.

You will visit three of the rock tombs of the pharaohs with their ancient wall paintings. These miraculously reflect the ancient Egyptian belief in the journey into the afterlife. You can also visit the tomb of the famous pharaoh Tut-ankh-Amun as an option. Most of the Tut-ankh-Amun treasures are now exhibited in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Additional grave visits are optional. The grave of Nefertari, wife of Ramses II (Ramses the Great) in the valley of the queens deserves special attention.
Our Jolley´s Travel luxury Nile cruise excursion program now takes you to Deir el Bahari, the imposing and impressive terrace temple of Queen Hatshepsut, who ruled Egypt from 1479 to 1458 BC. ruled.

From a distance, you can see the two seated monumental statues, the Colossi of Memnon. As guardians of the temples, they represent the soul of Pharaoh Amenhotep and currently two other newly erected statues from the time of Amenhotep III.
After this excursion into the ancient history of the pharaohs, the delicious lunch awaits you on board.

After your relaxing lunch break, explore Theben East: At the agreed time, you will meet your English-speaking Egyptologist for your next excursion during your luxury Nile cruise. In a private tour you drive to the famous temple complex of Karnak, which in ancient times was only reserved for priests and pharaohs. Lions with rams’ heads line the Sphinx avenue up to the first portal. After passing through the 2nd portal, you will be fascinated by the grandiose portico, which was one of the seven wonders of the world in antiquity. Here are the great temple of Amun and the holy of holies, the hall with the shrine of the gods.

The path continues to the centre of the city. Located directly on the Nile promenade is the Luxor Temple, which was built by Amenhotep III. and to the god Amun, his wife Mut and her son Chons was consecrated. The temple of Luxor was connected to the large temple complex of Karnak in the north of the city by the almost 3 km long Sphinx-lined avenue. At the moment, it is being restored with great attention and in keeping with the historical period. The holy barkes of the gods were carried on the cobbled avenue in a magnificent procession through the whole city as part of the Opet festival. It is particularly impressive that the temple is located in the city, offers a magnificent view of the Nile and at the same time is surrounded by the modern backdrop.

Back on board, you can enjoy dinner as a 4-course à la carte menu or from the exquisite buffet.

Overnight in LUXOR
(B, L, D)

tomb at the Valley of the Kings

Ausflugspaket Philae

Hatschepsut Temple

Ausflugspaket Philae

Luxor Temple

Ausflugspaket Philae

Ramses Statue

Ausflugspaket Philae

Egypt holiday – extension with pleasure

Jolley´s Travel Nilkreuzfahrt Badeurlaub Rotes Meer

Day 4 | LUXOR 

Enjoy your refreshing breakfast buffet. Then it’s time to say:

“Goodbye, hope to see you soon again!”

After your check out, the VIP transfer will take place by train or flight according to your departure time.

We will be happy to advise you on your further Egypt trip as an extension of your holiday in Luxor, stopover in Cairo, or at the Red Sea.

Please contact us.



Go on a VIP tour (optional) to ABU SIMBEL – world famous highlight of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Egypt!

In Abu Simbel, you stand in front of the most imposing buildings in Egypt – the great temple of Ramses II and the smaller temple of his wife Nefertari. The more than 30 m high facade of the Great Temple, whose four seated colossal statues of Ramses II look to the east towards the sunrise, is world-famous. Integrated between the massive legs are the larger-than-life statues of the female members of the royal family. The extraordinary ability of the ancient Egyptian master builders is reflected here.

The facade of the small temple of Nefertari is adorned with six standing ten-meter high statues of the mighty royal couple. These magnificent temples were once saved from the floods of the Nile after the completion of the dam and have been faithfully rebuilt here.

PLEASE NOTE Arrival one day before embarkation for the luxury Nile cruise, overnight stay in a 5 * resort in ASWAN. The excursion is planned in coordination.




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